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CoB Seminar Events More

Seminar, College of Business

Financial Reporting Technologies and Textual Disclosure Readability: Evidence from the XBRL Mandate

Presenter:Xitong Li Time: 2020年6月11日 16:00-17:00 Place: Tencent Meeting :557 495 697

CoB Management Forum

Big Data and Cross-Border E-commerce-boosting China's Second Manufacturing Revolution

Presenter:Wenhui Chen Time: 12/5/2020 19:00-21:00 Place: Tencent Meeting ID:649 097 058

商学院学术讲座 Dr. Xinhui Wu

Big Data Applications in the Manufacturing Industry

Presenter:Dr. Xinhui Wu Time: 28/4/2020 19:00-21:00 Place: Tencent MeetingID:582 709 577